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Instant Background Checks and Tenant Screening


Protect your investment by renting to only the most honest and trustworthy applicants. Utilize our powerful tenant screening products to uncover eviction data, aka’s, arrest records, criminal convictions, and sex offender information. MIS also offers credit checks, employment verifications, and civil records (lawsuits). 

Product Detail
Tenant Credit Reports Provides a person’s credit history Instantly and can include liens, judgments and bankruptcy information.
Eviction Records

Accesses information on potential residents that have been legally evicted from previous properties. Records may include eviction, possession, and monetary judgments in states where the information is available.

Nationwide Sex Offender

A simultaneous search of 49 state’s sex offender registries.  Information varies by state.

National Criminal Database

Instant database search consisting of millions of records  covering all 50 States.  Data contained in this  search can come from statewide repositories, local  county information, Department of Corrections, sex offender registries, and Administration of Courts records.

County Criminal Records Recommended on all applicants. A five (5), seven (7), or ten (10) year search of criminal records can be conducted.    
Bankruptcy Records

Assists in identifying all filings of bankruptcy by an individual or business.

Civil  Records

Identifies all filings of lien and judgments for an individual or business.





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